Longtime accountability partners Devon and Stacy bridge the distance of 568 miles each week to keep each other from failing YET AGAIN in their ongoing goals for fitness, life, and well-being. Follow their adventures each week at


  • The Show About Being Queer in Appalachia. Hoots Hollerin. April 24, 2019. Shared personal experiences about growing up bisexual/pansexual in Appalachia. Also talked about my book, and pen pals, and the Internet, so I was a little all over the place, really.

  • Ok, But Books? Ok, But Why? February 15, 2019. Joined round-table discussion on books and reading, making a case for the ritual of the written page.

  • Ok, But Music? Ok, But Why? February 15, 2019. Joined round-table discussion on musical influences and opinions about genres.

  • Ok, But Religion? Ok, But Why? February 15, 2019. Joined round-table discussion on religious upbringing and current philosophical perspectives.

  • Into It 78: Stranger Things. Into It. October 11, 2016. Devon Koren discusses the biggest Netflix show of the past summer, Stranger Things, with Elle Collins.

  • Into It 51: It’s a Wonderful Life. Into It. December 17, 2015. Devon Koren is here for the Holidays, to talk about her very favorite movie, Frank Capra's It's a Wonderful Life, with Elle Collins. Death, despair, capitalism, and Christmas. The worst thing that could happen to a lady who doesn't marry, the truth about Bert and Ernie, and why Pottersville isn't really the better town.

  • Into It 38: Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood. Into It. August 27, 2015. Devon and Elle talk about Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood, which leads to a wider conversation about the legacy of Fred Rogers. Secular ethics for toddlers, diversity of family structures, and Elle talks about puppetry a lot. You may never have watched Daniel Tiger, but if you were ever a Mr. Rogers fan you should absolutely listen to this episode.

  • Into It 34: Listener Questions, Lane Kim, and the Parenthood Finale. Into It. July 16, 2015. Devon helps Elle answer listener questions and discusses the conclusion of Parenthood.

  • Into It 11: Parenthood. Into It. January 17, 2015. Devon talks with Elle about the painfully mainstream NBC drama Parenthood. Discussion questions: 1) Does Parenthood contain television's best portrayal of people on the autistic spectrum? 2) Is the character of Amber Holt directly based on Devon's youth? 3) Does Elle actually hate straight people? 

  • Into It 2: Rat Queens. Into It. October 30, 2014. Devon and Elle discuss Rat Queens, a comic book by Kurtis J. Wiebe and Roc Upchurch. Subtopics include D&D character classes, how to avoid the pitfalls of fantasy drugs, sex and spooning between differently sized fantasy races, and the all-important Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle comparison.